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For more than 25 years, TecExec has been building technology-focused businesses with entrepreneurs looking to take the next step.  As engineers ourselves, we understand how hard it is to get the support you need which is why we have created a range of services specifically design to help.



TecExec Ltd. forms and develops businesses based on innovative technological solutions to existing market needs. Commonly referred to as "business incubation", our business model has been refined over 25 years to ensure that our attention and investments are targeted at high quality opportunities in expanding markets. Established in 1992 by three engineers from the same family, TecExec has always been focused on the application of technology to solving real-world problems. Developing investible spin-off business opportunities around a strong core of technology and people is now the main activity of the Company. TecExec has a track record of successful startup and revenue-generating companies and several business ideas are always in the pipeline for future development.

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Since 1998, TecExec has invested in Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies, a company providing advanced high performance fluid mixing systems to solve specific process problems. Creating ultra-stable emulsions and fine dispersions of particles in liquids requires high energy mixing and Maelstrom has developed and patented new ways of achieving this at high flowrates with low energy and low costs. Please see the Maelstrom website for more information.

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TecExec offers a wide range of support services for technology-focused companies looking to take the next step.  Our network of financial and engineering contacts together with our long experience of building businesses from small beginnings, makes us a high performing partner.

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